Artist Spotlight: Shine 2009 featuring Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul’s first new vocal contribution in years is on a song by a Finnish duo named Shine 2009.

The minute I heard So Free I knew that I was going to fall in love with these guys. Their sound harkens back to the 90s R&B style pop that Paula Abdul herself made famous and updates it beautifully with the addition of some jazzy horns and the Pet Shop Boys-style vocals of lead singer, Sami Suova.

In the last couple of years I’ve made no secret of my love for just about every artist coming out of Scandinavia these days. From Villa Nah to The Shitsez to The Sounds and beyond, Scandinavia have the recipe for perfect pop music and I can’t help but wonder what it is about that part of the world that consistently creates the most beautiful, hook-laden tunes?

Shine 2009 are on one of my favorite new record labels, Cascine, (home to Fred Hystere fave Chad Valley, among others) and I’m sure to be all over their debut album, Realism, when it’s released globally on 3 May.

But, for now, I’m going to kick back with a dirty martini and daydream about dancing with a loved one at a jazz club in NYC while listening to Shine 2009’s smooth “So Free”.. Ok, maybe not..but I *am* going to grab a water and watch the video for “So Free”..and you should too.

SHINE 2009 – SO FREE (FEAT. PAULA ABDUL) from SHINE 2009 on Vimeo.

Daily Dickhead: Orly Taitz

Oy vey..where do I start with Orly Taitz? Do I start by making fun of her last name (which happens to be one letter away from sounding like a word defined as the area between a man’s ballsac and his asshole)? Or do I just jump right in and attempt to explain the level of batshit being spewed from the odd little troll’s mouth? Let’s begin with a little background, shall we?

Orly Taitz is Queen of the Birthers and has been credited with beginning the entire racist debate surrounding the legitimacy over the birthplace of the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Last year, Jabba the Hut Limbaugh had Orly Taitz on his show to explain her (racist) belief that Obama was not born in the United States and, since then, the issue has snowballed into the most embarrassing news story of my lifetime.

There’s not a whole lot about the birther issue I can say that hasn’t already been said. And, while I’m sure John King’s show on CNN is probably paying people at this point to come on-air for an interview, I have to think that he could’ve done better than having this crazy bitch on for the better part of 10 straight minutes. But, as boring as John King is, I’d watch 6 hours of his show at a time if it meant never having to hear Orly Taitz’s annoying voice ever again.

The entire interview is a clusterfuck of the kind of terrible TV that you just can’t stop watching, before realizing that you’ve actually just wasted 10 minutes of your life watching a Russian mop-headed blonde version of Tim Curry as Frankenfurter yell about something ridiculous-sounding in broken English.

Proceed with caution, earplugs, and 3 shots of tequila.

Daily Classic: Leftfield featuring John Lydon “Open Up” (VIDEO)

This week’s Daily Classics are all about the UK electronic music revolution of 1995-1997 and today’s artist is Leftfield and their 1995 slice of perfection, Open Up, featuring John Lydon of The Sex Pistols.

If I were to name my top 10 albums of all-time on the spot, one of them would unequivocally be Leftfield’s 1995 album, Leftism. If you are looking for an album representation of The Godfather of electronic music, look no further than Leftism.

When I was full of angst as a young gay lad back in 1995, every move I made seemed to need to be done with an exclamation point; whether it was driving, partying, fucking, etc. I had plenty of albums to turn to during the angsty mid-90s, but the album I turned to most often was easily Leftfield’s Leftism.

The amount of memories, both good and bad, that I’ve experienced while listening to Leftism is endless and, while I will never get back any of the countless brain cells I’ve lost while having the album on repeat, it easily ranks as my #1 Debaucherous Album of All-Time.

If you’re looking for beautiful vocals, ballads, or rock music, you’ve come to the wrong place. But, if you’ve come to dance and party your fuckin ass off, come on in. “Open Up” will not be for everyone but, for those of you that appreciate the marriage of electronic and punk music, take a look at the video below.

Leftfield & Lydon – Open Up by enkil_

The Hotness: The Sanfernando Sound, DREAMTRAK, Wynter Gordon

The Hotness is your daily look at 3 new songs that are amazing, essential, and are sure to make you horny. Ok, the last part isn’t necessarily true. But if you don’t like at least one of these three songs, you need to check 1) Your testosterone levels 2) Your estrogen levels 3) Your hearing.

The Sanfernando Sound is the DJ/remixing alias of (super sexy) recording artist Jason Sieu Persad. I’ve only just recently come across Jason’s remixes and last week included his hot-as-fuck remix of She’s The Queen’s song Sleepwalker’s Curse on The Fredhead Weekend 10. Since then I’ve been perusing his catalog of awesomeness and have spent the last few days completely fixated on his sick remix of Anoraak’s Crazy Eyes. The best DJs in the world are the ones that have the artistic vision and skills to completely reinvent a song and make it their own and, to simply say The Sanfernando Sound does just that, would be a huge understatement. I’m not a big fan of Anoraak’s music as a whole, but Jason’s dark, sexy, throbbing interpretation of Crazy Eyes is a must have for all fans of dance music. Take a listen below and then head over to The Sanfernando Sounds’ pages on Soundcloud and Bandcamp to support good music and grab a few free goodies along the way.


Anoraak “Crazy Eyes (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)”



DREAMTRAK is the production/remixing moniker of UK-based Oli Horton and another one of my favorite new artists. Fred Hystere fans will be keen to know that DREAMTRAK is the man responsible for producing one of the best pop music songs released all year, Freestyle, by sickeningly talented new artist, Queen Of Hearts. I’d been meaning to check out the rest of DREAMTRAK’s music for a while now, before coming across his ridiculous remix of Teeth’s single “See Spaces”. I’m not a big fan of the original version of the song but, after hearing DREAMTRAK’s remix, I am convinced that everything DREAMTRAK touches turns to gold. If orgasms could be reached simply by listening to music, DREAMTRAK would surely be the one of the reasons. Check out his remix of Teeth’s “See Spaces” below.


Teeth “See Spaces (DREAMTRAK Diamond Sound)”



Wynter Gordon is a New York City born and raised solo artist signed to Big Beat Records. As a songwriter, Wynter is up there with the best in the business when it comes to creating radio-friendly pop and has been the featured artist on tracks by the likes of David Guetta, Flo Rida, and others. She’s been steadily releasing dance floor-ready jams for the last few years and, while I’ve definitely *liked* a few of her songs, I’ve never *loved* any of them per se..until now. Her new single, Til Death, showcases Wynter’s strong pipes and ticks every box on the way to creating a sugary sweet popstastic 3 minute-plus home-run; that you can check out below.

*Wynter Gordon is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on her debut solo album, With The Music I Die.


Wynter Gordon “Till Death (Denzal Park Radio Edit)”





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