The Fredhead Weekend 10!

Every Friday, Fred Hystere sends a note to fans of the site and streams 10 of his favorite songs…aaaaaand then he takes off his pants on camera and makes up a dance to each song.

29 April

Yo, Peeps!  Welcome to The Grandmothafuckin Fredhead Weekend 10!

I gotta say I’m going into this weekend on the biggest natural high I’ve been on in a long ass time. For some reason this week, I was on my game all week and had more fun writing about all the 4 record labels I featured on The Hotness than I’ve had writing about anything in a while!

The outpouring of compliments from labels, artists, bands, and the general public, about the content on Fred Hystere this week was the most consistently rewarding feeling that I’ve had in recent memory. It also helped to prove one of my mottos about life:

“Validation is the greatest motivator of all.”

The compliments about the site, my humor, my writing, etc etc etc just pumps me up even more to keep on going with the site every week.

We also had a record number of you sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more! There is no better way for this site to grow than for it to grow organically and with friends and fans to be sharing the site with their own friends.

And in return, I will continue to be my crazy-ass, expletive-filled self and expose you first and foremost to artists who are either unsigned or who are primarily with indie labels. My allegiance is always to those artists, the indie labels, and you!

Next week I’ve decided to do at least one day where I feature all unsigned artists. Some of them I’ve written about before and others I haven’t, but ALL deserve to be making enough money to be able to do what they love, ie: make music.

If you have friends that are unsigned that you think I’d dig, please feel free to have them email me. I can’t guarantee that I’ll feature them on the site, but chances are if they fit into the wide spectrum of music I’m into, I’ll find a way to get them on here.

Ok, enough of my babbling…on to the Weekend 10!

This week, my Weekend 10 borrows heavily from some of the labels I wrote about this week (particularly Aztec Records, Mullet Records, and Binary Entertainment). You’ll see some old music mixed in with some new jams.

That’s all for me.. I’ll see you all next week!

Nakedly Yours,

Fred Hystere


1. Plastic Operator “Singing All The Time (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)”


2. Ren Riz “Alright”


3. Grum “Through The Night (Beaumont Remix)”


4. NightWaves “Fascination (Keenhouse Remix)”


5. Keenhouse “Ari-es (NightWaves Remix)”


6. Let Em Riot “Tell Me (The Bear Remix)”


7. Van Go Lion “Body Moves (Prince Vince Remix)”


8. Maighread “Sea (Disco Damage Remix)”


9. Casio Social Club “Running Man”


10. Golabek “Babe (Don’t Feed The Wildlife)”




If you want music, you’ll find it everywhere on this site..If you want to laugh, go to the Daily Fred section and read all of my silly daily observations about life, people, and politicians.

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