isn’t sure whether he just witnessed the oldest woman alive walking around in a miniskirt and heels….OR… a walking roastbeef sandwich. Either way, I’ve never been gayer in my life than I am at this very moment.


The Fredhead Weekend 10!

Every Friday, Fred Hystere sends a note to fans of the site and streams 10 of his favorite songs…aaaaaand then he takes off his pants on camera and makes up a dance to each song.

29 April

Yo, Peeps!  Welcome to The Grandmothafuckin Fredhead Weekend 10!

I gotta say I’m going into this weekend on the biggest natural high I’ve been on in a long ass time. For some reason this week, I was on my game all week and had more fun writing about all the 4 record labels I featured on The Hotness than I’ve had writing about anything in a while!

The outpouring of compliments from labels, artists, bands, and the general public, about the content on Fred Hystere this week was the most consistently rewarding feeling that I’ve had in recent memory. It also helped to prove one of my mottos about life:

“Validation is the greatest motivator of all.”

The compliments about the site, my humor, my writing, etc etc etc just pumps me up even more to keep on going with the site every week.

We also had a record number of you sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more! There is no better way for this site to grow than for it to grow organically and with friends and fans to be sharing the site with their own friends.

And in return, I will continue to be my crazy-ass, expletive-filled self and expose you first and foremost to artists who are either unsigned or who are primarily with indie labels. My allegiance is always to those artists, the indie labels, and you!

Next week I’ve decided to do at least one day where I feature all unsigned artists. Some of them I’ve written about before and others I haven’t, but ALL deserve to be making enough money to be able to do what they love, ie: make music.

If you have friends that are unsigned that you think I’d dig, please feel free to have them email me. I can’t guarantee that I’ll feature them on the site, but chances are if they fit into the wide spectrum of music I’m into, I’ll find a way to get them on here.

Ok, enough of my babbling…on to the Weekend 10!

This week, my Weekend 10 borrows heavily from some of the labels I wrote about this week (particularly Aztec Records, Mullet Records, and Binary Entertainment). You’ll see some old music mixed in with some new jams.

That’s all for me.. I’ll see you all next week!

Nakedly Yours,

Fred Hystere


1. Plastic Operator “Singing All The Time (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)”


2. Ren Riz “Alright”


3. Grum “Through The Night (Beaumont Remix)”


4. NightWaves “Fascination (Keenhouse Remix)”


5. Keenhouse “Ari-es (NightWaves Remix)”


6. Let Em Riot “Tell Me (The Bear Remix)”


7. Van Go Lion “Body Moves (Prince Vince Remix)”


8. Maighread “Sea (Disco Damage Remix)”


9. Casio Social Club “Running Man”


10. Golabek “Babe (Don’t Feed The Wildlife)”




The Hotness: Cascine featuring Shine 2009, Jensen Sportag, Southern Shores

This week we’re doing things a little differently on The Hotness. While we will still feature 3 songs that are sure to make you horny, everyday those songs will belong to one of the 4 up-and-coming record labels that are among Fred Hystere’s favorites. At a time of uncertainty in the music industry, these labels are some of the select few that are doing it right thanks to 3 things: consistent quality, visionary thinking, and (most importantly) their passion for the artists they’re working with along the music those artists release. Today’s artists are all members of NY-LA-London-based Cascine!

Cascine is head and shoulders above 99% of the other record labels right now. Their ear for quality is staggering and I’ve featured their music more than a few times here on Fred Hystere. If there’s a common thread (other than flawless production) running through the veins of every artist signed to Cascine, it’d have to be nostalgia. One of my favorite things about music is also one of the things that critics seem to harp on the most, which is the level of derivativeness of a certain band or artist. The interesting thing about all of Cascine’s artists is that they all draw inspiration from different periods of music and some, like Shine 2009, remind me of a time in music that I never really knew I missed as much as I do. I hope you enjoy the music you’re about to hear as much as I do. To me, Cascine’s music is about good memories, summertime, and sangria. Enjoy!

Shine 2009 is a Finnish duo who I featured last week as my Daily Tune. To me, their debut album is one of the centerpieces of Cascine’s sound and should be played at every party you have this summer! Their music is steeped in 1988-1992 era beats and begs for you to grab a nice cold drink and sit at the beach while looking at the water. What’s interesting is that the era in music history that Shine 2009 recreates is one that I would’ve immediately labeled cheesy as hell if you’d asked me to recall it. But I’m realizing now that I love early 90s pop, which makes Shine 2009’s duet with Paula Abdul on “So Free” all the more special and probably one of the best duets you’ll hear all year. But since I’ve already featured that song here, let’s do things a little differently and let you listen to a stream of Shine 2009’s entire album ahead of its release next Tuesday! Check out “Realism” below, and get ready to purchase it when it hits stores in just a few days!

*Shine 2009’s debut album, Realism, is released 3 May on Cascine.

Shine 2009 “Realism”



Jensen Sportag is a Nashville duo who are apparently named after a Danish tennis player other than Caroline Wozniacki. (Most of my close friends know me as a tennis fanatic). I have to admit that out of every artist I was planning on writing about this week, Jensen Sportag were the guys I was most nervous to write about. Why? Because their music is so difficult to categorize and has so many layers and influences to it, that I didn’t really know where to begin. So let me begin by saying this: I want to have sex while listening to Jensen Sportag’s music. Their debut EP Pure Wet is a headphone-pleasing wild ride that’s been compared to those guys Washed Out from Atlanta, but to me sounds like the type of music that Marvin Gaye would spin at Studio 54. With Jensen Sportag, the real star is the music itself, as the vocals act as more of a backdrop to the gorgeous, smooth, disco-infused R&B in most of their songs. That said, my favorite song, Mapquest, is more of a disco-y bossanova type track with sped-up Martian-vocals, that’s so smooth I can feel myself sinking into the hot sand at the beach in a few weeks’ time. Check out Mapquest below.

*Jensen Sportag’s debut EP, Pure Wet, is out now on Cascine.


Jensen Sportag “Mapquest”



Southern Shores are the most recent Cascine signing and have accomplished something that very few artists in my music collection have done by creating essential listening with the use of very few vocals. It is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to listen to the music of Southern Shores without feeling happy, relaxed and like being friendly to everyone you see. (And that’s coming from a cynical New York fuck like me!) Every song on Southern Shores’ self-released EP makes me want to buy the world a coke….after I buy one for myself and dance around the beach. Southern Shores is made up of Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton and describe themselves as “two folks coming from Halifax, NS Canada and with the intention of making bright, energetic, exotic pop sounds.”  How music this bright, cheery, and summery came from the chilly confines of Halifax is beyond me, but I may need to go up there sometime soon and bottle some of whatever it is they’re drinking. Absolutely stunning music. Check out Grande Comore below and thank me later.

*Southern Shores are currently in the final production stages of their debut EP, due for release this spring on Cascine.


Southern Shores “Grande Comore”


Artist Spotlight: Selebrities

Selebrities are a Brooklyn-based trio comprised of Max, Jer, & Maria whose music is best described as the lovechild between 1984 Madonna, Joy Division and New Order. In my opinion, considering all 3 of those artists/bands are pretty much sacred, anyone who has that sound had better hit a homerun with it. Well, luckily for us, Selebrities know exactly what they’re doing to the point that you may legitimately think that their music was made back in 1983.

Although I was all of 5 years old back in 1983, that period in music history is quite possibly my favorite, mostly because I love the dichotomy of dancing my face off while singing depressing lyrics. Many bands who attempt to recreate that era end up overproducing their music, but the production on every song on Selebrities’ soon-to-be-released debut album, Delusions, is flawless. They seriously do their influences proud and don’t be shocked when you find Delusions ranked as one of my albums of the year.

Cascine + Selebrities = Eargasm for Fred

Check out the video for the new single by Selebrities entitled “Can’t Make Up My Mind” and then be on the lookout for their debut album, Delusions, which hits stores 17 May on Cascine.!/Selebrities


*You can download “Can’t Make Up My Mind” for FREE via the link below!


Selebrities “Can’t Make Up My Mind”



Can’t Make Up My Mind from Selebrities on Vimeo.

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