Daily Classic: Romeo Void ‘Never Say Never’ (VIDEO)

This week Fred Hystere celebrates the 80s! However, there will be no whipping it good as you come on Eileen while she runs so far away. Instead, I’ll be sharing a few of MY favorite 80s songs. Today’s song is the Romeo Void classic, Never Say Never.

Romeo Void were one of those artists that fell victim to the birth of MTV back in the day. When MTV was launched back in the early 80s there became an increased emphasis on the appearance and image of bands and artists. I remember seeing an interview with Romeo Void’s lead singer, Debora Iyall, where she said that she distinctly remembers Clive Davis (Arista Records) walking out of one of the band’s shows once he noticed that she was overweight. Show business is a tough business and, in my opinion, MTV just made it that much harder for musicians to survive.

Romeo Void had 2 hit singles but the better of the two was definitely Never Say Never. The lyrics ‘I might like you better if we slept together’ were considered very controversial back then and several radio stations around the country refused to play the song. (My my my, how times have changed..).

Never Say Never has just about everything I could ever want in a song: Great beat, great hook, catchy lyrics, horns, and female vocals. I don’t have any specific memories associated with the song besides being able to relate to the sentiment of assuming you might like someone better upon sleeping with them. As one slut to another, let me give you a piece of advice: It doesn’t work.

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