Daily Tune: The Sound Of Arrows ‘Nova’

The Sound of Arrows are yet another amazing pop music duo from Sweden. They’ve been on my map for a couple of years now, releasing a few remixes and some kickass singles, so I’m pretty stoked that they’re finally releasing an album in April. The fellow at one of my favorite websites, Pop Justice, seems to have an orgasm at the mere mention of the band’s name, and with good reason; The Sound of Arrows have it all. Their music is feel-good, daydream pop with plenty of blips and beats to keep the listener smiling for the duration of every song.

The group recently signed a major label deal with Geffen, and the first offering after that announcement comes in the form of their new single, Nova. The thing I like about Nova, and just about every other song released by The Sound of Arrows, is the band’s cheeky ability to push the boundaries of cheesiness without ever crossing the line. Somehow they pull back just in time and by the 3rd and 4th listen you’re feeling great and singing along.

The music video for Nova fits the song perfectly, but only just narrowly escapes being compared to the crown jewel of chessetastic videos,  Ace of Base’s ‘Beautiful Life.’ (It doesn’t hurt that both members of The Sound of Arrows are cute, too).

Anyway, take a look at the video for Nova and keep an eye out for the band’s debut album, hitting stores sometime this spring on Geffen Records.






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