thinks that anyone who takes up an ENTIRE sidewalk in NYC to have their friend take a picture of them, while holding an umbrella, in the middle of a downpour, should be Mary Poppins’d into heavy traffic.

Daily Tune: Cockbullkid ‘Asthma Attack’ (VIDEO PREMIERE)

One of the albums that I’ve been looking forward to hearing since the year began is the debut album from UK-based songstress, Cocknbullkid. To say I’ve been obsessed with just about every song Cocknbullkid has released thus far would be a bigger understatement than saying ‘I like having sex with men.’

Cocknbullkid’s music can be very sad, lyrically, but you’d never know it from the music she produces. Her sound generally stays in the dance pop, 60s girl group space, and songs like Boys & Girls, Cocknbullkid, One Eye Closed, I’m Not Sorry, and Hold On To Your Misery are nothing short of pop masterpieces.

True to form, Cocknbullkid’s new single, Asthma Attack, is a huge breath of fresh air in a pop music scene that so desperately needs a new star. (Do you like what I did there?)

You must must must must must watch the just-released music video for Asthma Attack! And stay tuned for Cocknbullkid’s debut album, Adulthood; which should be hitting stores 23 May on Moshi Moshi/Island Records.!/cocknbullkid

Daily Dickhead(s): Chris Brown & ‘Big Sean’

I’ve made no secret about my complete disdain for Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna a couple of years ago. And, because I don’t really pay attention to MTV or the Billboard charts or celeb culture, I rarely come across any news relating to people like Chris Brown.  But ever since I heard about his latest outburst on Good Morning America last week, my ears have begun to perk up again at the mention of his name.

I find it completely repulsive that people are giving Chris Brown another chance in the public eye. As I’ve said before, I have no problem with him doing his own thing as a private citizen, but for him to be visible on the Billboard charts, radio, and TV after what he did, proves as much about him as a person, as it does about us as a nation. I personally don’t think he truly cares about what he did; because, if he cared about doing the right thing, he would realize that, as long as he’s going to be in the public eye, he’s going to be looked at as a role model; which he is ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Brown’s new album hit #1 on the Billboard Charts this past week; which goes to show just how wrong our priorities are in this country. We have no problem tearing down women like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, etc while they publicly struggle with life, but when it comes to violent abusers of women like Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown, we give them high fives, huge salaries, #1 records, and sold out tours. If you want to look at the real problems this country has, look beyond politicians and look at the way that women are treated in society. Sadly, what you’ll find is that we have a long, long, long way to go.

But rather than go on and on about the disgusting human being that Chris Brown truly is, I’d like to switch gears a little and speak about a rapper named Big Sean. Last week Big Sean publicly came to Chris Brown’s defense after Brown’s childish outburst after Good Morning America. Incorrect English usage aside, what Big Sean said was absolutely and emphatically the WRONG message to send as both a friend AND supposed role model:

“I told him, ‘Yo, you the greatest. … It’s people me and your age wondering what they want to do in life that are living with their parents. We get paid to do what we love to do and have people that love us back. Don’t let these questions get you down or anything. Just know you’re, like, the greatest, man. We making history, you making history.’ He was like, ‘Thanks, you’re a real friend.’

Excuse me, but kissing someone’s ass is NOT what you do when you’re a ‘real friend.’ My best friends in the world are not the ones that kiss my ass and tell me what I want to hear. Instead, they’re honest with me and have no problem telling me when I fuck up. So for Big Sean to sit there and tell Chris Brown ‘Yo, you the greatest,’ is not only quite possibly the biggest pile of horse shit I have heard thus far in 2011, but it’s also the exact reason why, by and large, rappers are bad role models.

As long as Chris Brown stays in the public eye he will hear my wrath as often as I feel like wasting time speaking about him. Just like Ike Turner, Brown is a woman beater. However, unlike Ike Turner, Chris Brown doesn’t have the sense to understand that the longer he’s in the public eye, the longer he will continue to forever be part of the problem and never a part of the solution.

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Daily Classic: ‘Til Tuesday ‘Voices Carry’ (VIDEO)

This week Fred Hystere celebrates the 80s! However, there will be no whipping it good as you come on Eileen while she runs so far away. Instead, I’ll be sharing a few of MY favorite 80s songs. Finishing up the week is my favorite 80s song of all-time, Voices Carry, by ‘Til Tuesday.

I’m sure many of you are scratching your heads and wondering why Voices Carry is my favorite 80s song of all-time. Those that know me well, know that I’m a huge fan of all things Aimee Mann. I consider her, along with PJ Harvey and a few others, one of the greatest songwriters of my generation. For some reason her underrated, deceptively versatile, low voice has always spoken to me. I’ve always been able to understand what she’s saying; both from an annunciation and lyrical point of view.

It’s really funny how you become introduced to music and artists that you end up falling in love with. I can guarantee you that Aimee probably never imagined that Voices Carry would act as a gateway towards the type of profoundly special songwriter that she’s become. The song was my introduction to Aimee’s music when I saw the video in the early 90s after it was featured on some on one of VH1’s specials on 80s music. While the song is more 80s new wave-y than anything she’s ever released as a solo artist, I’ve always maintained it to be my favorite song from that decade; for sentimental reasons.

If nothing else, for me Voices Carry represents the growth that artists go through and the growth that we all go through as individuals. I will forever love this song for introducing me to Aimee’s music and hopefully you like it too. Check out the video below.

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