Austra ‘Beat and The Pulse’

Today’s Daily Tune is from a Canadian band named Austra. Their single, Beat and The Pulse, has been out for a couple of months and is finally getting the proper attention it deserves.  Austra debuted a music video for Beat and The Pulse a couple of months ago that was a little racy apparently for most people; so they were forced to shoot a ‘clean version’ of the video. (You know, because tits are so tough to look at. This country is pathetic). Anyway, I’m glad they did a clean version of the video because people are beginning to take notice of their music.

Austra is lead singer Katie Stelmanis’s middle name and the band was formed last year after Katie’s solo album didn’t take off.  (Her solo album is amazing, btw). Her voice is gorgeous, powerful, and quite low and their music kind of reminds me of a trip-hoppy industrial sound; which had me excited after just one listen. Since then, I’ve been playing the fuck out of the song and seem to discover a new layer or sound to the production of the music with every listen.

The band is currently in the studio and busy working on their debut album with producer Damian Taylor (of Bjork, UNKLE, and The Prodigy fame). They recently signed with Domino Records, which is a huge move for them and should propel them to even greater things. From everything I’ve already heard, I’m anticipating this album to be one of the releases of the year. I can’t wait!

Check out the (clean) video for Austra’s The Beat and Pulse, and then grab a free download of the song as well:

Austra ‘Beat and The Pulse’



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