Daily Dickhead: Ron Christie

Funny, I’ve gone from feeling like I would have to grab at straws (is that the term I was looking for?) in order to find enough dickheads to talk about on a daily basis, to having more dickheads than I know what to do with..(Now I just need to figure out how to add that same logic to my sex life, and I’ll be all set..)

Anyyyyway….Penis Cheney puppet, Ron Christie, is up there with my least favorite conservative ‘pundits’ out there..1) He’s cross-eyed..not that I have any problem with cross-eyed people but, let’s be honest, it definitely adds to the label of ‘crazy’ I’m about to stick him with. 2) He’s the gayest ‘straight’ married man I’ve ever seen (if you don’t include every highway rest stop in the NY Metropolitan area)..oh, and 3) He lies about everything!!!

Last night, Christie was on Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC to talk about the bill that Republicans will be voting on next week to repeal health care reform. The bill is called ‘Repealing The Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.’ Classy.

The typical Republican strategy in terms of healthcare reform (and everything else) is to basically continue to talk about ‘how bad the bill is’, without ever actually putting any alternative on the table. With Americans struggling more and more every day to pay for medical expenses (and health insurance in general), I can’t imagine why Republicans keep on trying to fight this losing battle if they have any hope of staying in office.

Love him or hate him, Chris Matthews is a master at asking the right question. His question to Christie was basically: When was the last time that Republicans introduced healthcare legislation? Answer: Never. At which point, Christie began to lie and try to pretend that under the Bush administration they introduced healthcare legislation. Ok, so that’s not entirely a lie, but have the Republicans ever been to the ones to introduce comprehensive healthcare reform? No.

There are three main issues where Republicans will always lose my vote: Civil Rights, Abortion Rights, and Healthcare Reform. If Republicans were pro-civil rights (which fyi includes gay people), pro-abortion, and pro-healthcare reform, I might even consider voting for one of them..but they’re not, and they never will be.

Therefore, Ron Christie, easily lands in the Daily Dickhead archive..Considering he’s pretty much always a dickhead, I’m sure he’ll be making regular visits to the category in 2011.

If you can stomach 11 minutes of Christie’s jazz hands and ugly mug, watch the video below.

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