Daily Dude: Mario Lopez

Dear Mario Lopez,

Take off your pants.



Daily Dickhead: Betsy McCaughey

If you can ignore the fact that former Lieutenant Governor of New York, Betsy McCaughey, looks like an extra from Planet of the Apes with blond hair, try and listen to the disgusting ‘fear mongering’ coming out of her mouth in this segment on Fox ‘News’. I have a few thoughts on this whole ‘Death Panel’ claim, so I’ll keep it succinct and say this: If you are seriously stupid enough to believe that the government is trying to ‘kill grandma’, and that death panels actually exist, then maybe you should sign up for and end-of-life procedure yourself, you dumb fucktard.

The fact that this woman is a doctor is even more frightening. Watch her lie, below:

Daily Tune: Chromeo feat Elly Jackson ‘Hot Mess’

While I’m not a huge Chromeo fan, I think they’re pretty brilliant. I respect what they do immensely but, for whatever reason, I’ve never really been able to get into them properly. They remind me of an updated version of Prince. Again, I always liked a few Prince songs but he was never really my cup of tea. However, a few of the collaborations Chromeo have done are right up my alley and H to the O to the T. ‘Hot Mess’ features Elly Jackson from La Roux. Everything Elly touches seems to turn to gold and I’m happy that artists like Chromeo and Kanye West are picking up on that fact.

Hot Mess is drenched with 80s-ness, in a good way..dueling vocals, funky beats, killer production, and Elly Jackson are what make this song Fred’s Daily Tune. Check it out.

Daily Dickhead(s): New Jersey Democrats

Clearly today was a slow day for Dickheads, as I’m about to do something that’s totally against my (non-existent) religion and defend Gov Chris Christie (R-NJ).  While I can’t stand him (and wish someone would lock him in a pool with Shamu at Sea World while he’s on vacation), it’s ridiculous to suggest that the governor should get on a flight and come back to NJ simply because the state endured 3 feet of snow over the weekend.  If the people of New Jersey can survive another season of Jersey Shore, they can certainly survive a little winter weather.

What do they pay a Lieutenant Governor for if not to deal with a state’s drama while the governor is on vacation?  I’ve been listening to the left wing get their panties in a wad all day over this story; which is exactly the  kind of baseless, idiotic attack that we’ve come to expect from Fox ‘News’..Please, Democrats, don’t sink so low. There are many issues to go after Chris Christie for, but this is not one of them.

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