thinks that unless Katy Perry is getting married to a mute button, I could really care less about her wedding in India..why is she newsworthy?


just got an email from a guy on Connexions (gay Facebook) saying: ‘Yo, ma dood. You iz mad cute. U a beanqueen? Hit me up on AIM at prdoggiestyle___’ 1) Good thing he clarified his ‘doggiestyle’ is Puerto Rican..(?) 2) homosaywha? 3) The term ‘beanqueen’ is fucking hysterical.


would like someone to shave Willow Smith’s head so she has no fucking hair to whip..It’s bad enough that Will Smith exists at all much less on the radio..but do we really need to hear from his 9 year old daughter as well? This family needs to be stopped.


would like to know why he is a magnet for fucking bizarre conversations with cashiers..

C: Have you gotten any raspberries lately?

ME: Hmmm?

C: We have a special on raspberries right now.

ME: Aren’t they out of season?

C: Fine, don’t get any. See if I care.

ME: What?

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